Justag Affiliate


Affiliate Program


Grow brand presence & generate higher sales and traffic

What is Justag Seller Affiliate?

Justag Seller Affiliate is a programme designed to help sellers grow brand presence and  generate higher sales and traffic through more than 20,000  Justaggers’ extensive affiliate networks and partners. 

Why Justag Seller Affiliate?

Broaden your reach and deliver your brand message to endless potential prospects in a diverse digital space

Boost your brand’s reputation and awareness by leveraging on trustworthy third-parties’ opinion

Make effective use of your marketing budget and only pay for successful conversions.

How does Justag Seller Affiliate work?

Through Justag Seller Affiliate +, sellers will need to allocate a customised commission percentage to their own store and/or product(s) on Justag. The commission will be distributed based on the Cost Per Sale (CPS) model where sellers will pay commission only for successful transactions generated through the Justaggers’ link.

Example :

  • If the sellers sets the commission percentage at 10% and a buyer places an order priced at RM100 ( after deducting shipping fees, promotions and discounts ), the total commission payable to the Justagger for this order will be RM10.

    💡 Tip

    A higher commission percentage will increase the chance of Justaggers promoting the store or products.